The Easy Way To Personalize Your clothes

I am least creative with my clothes:

You can see me after ten years and I can still bet you that my style of clothes would still have been the same. I always thought that clothes don’t need s much attention that people think that they deserve. I have had friends and colleagues who have lost sleep over what they are going to wear at the college fest or the evening door even at the office party!

I have been above this all the while!

But lately something has happened and funnily I can only chuckle and laugh at the transformation that I am getting into. So, I was checking my emails the other day and I come across this funny website which allows us to customize prints and labels on our t-shirts and so just for the heck of it, I tried!


I was surprised when the end result was fantabulous. I ordered a custom made to my size and a print that I had chosen actually it was a messy print like I had chosen to print a lot of logos one on top of the other and the result was really cool.

The day at the office!

You must see how the people flocked around me. First they were shocked because I had worn something so unconventional. Knowing what kind of person I am it took them by surprise that I was not in my regular polo but had chosen round neck. The print was an instant hit with lots of people swearing that they would love to sport one like that!

What a day!

I hate to say this because my ego hurts but it was the first time ever I realized the importance of clothes and how they can help you make a statement! So guys, if you need a t-shirt, go here. I promise you won’t be disappointed ever!!