5 fashion trends that will never go out of style

Fashion keeps on changing, but some fashion trends stay forever. Here are some fashion trends that will never disappear, so you can wear it all the time.

Ladylike clothing

It all started in 1947 when French designer Christian Dior came up with a feminine look with a full skirt and nipped-in waist. It was popularized by Jackie Kennedy and Grace Kelly in the 1950s. From then it became the prime choice for well-dressed ladies. This type of dress complements the curves. It looks polished.

Animal prints

During the 18th century when the Europeans started to colonize in Africa and Asia, they started bringing the skins of tigers, leopards, and zebras. These exotic patterns were then reproduced on fabrics. After two centuries celebrities like Marilyn Monroe made these prints popular.


During the ‘90s, designer Miuccia Prada brought minimalism into fashion. The shapes are simple with light ornamentation. This design was very different from the fashion trends of the ‘80s. This fashion trends still persists today.


Flowers have been used as adornments since the old days. It was first seen on clothing in Japan. It was spotted in Japanese kimonos in the year 794. It was also seen on Genoese velvets in the 1400s. Floral symbolizes women and is still popular today.


It began during World War II when even the ladies used to wear trench coats as outerwear. Young people in the Vietnam era wore army jackets and cargo pants as symbols of protest. This outfit became a trendsetter.

These fashion trends will never go away. They may alter a bit with time, but they will remain for ages. People of today’s generation still follow these fashion trends.

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