I Absolutely Adore Ysl

I am obsessed with bags:

Not in the negative way but I am someone who looks at a well dressed person starting from their bags then their belts and shoes and then the outfit and then finally the makeup. So, being in the fashion industry for more than thirty years has taught me that one accessory that you need to choose with extreme caution is your bag because that one thing, yes that small one thing has the capacity to waste all your efforts by breaking the look that you so worked hard on.

Is it going to be a tote or shoulder bag or a clutch?

This is the comedy of my life. I am mostly befuddled with what kind of bag I should carry with what clothes and what occasion. Sometimes, I am even dream of shopping with the kind of bags available on me and only if they match perfectly, Bingo! I prefer to pick up the dress.

Shopping with me can be boring:

Yes, if you are someone who knows me, then you have heard about this. There is hardly anyone who will go shopping with a personality like me. And I’ll let you on a little truth. I hate shopping with people around me. It curtails my freedom to try everything that catches my fancy. I need to be left alone to explore my choices and arrive at the decision on what pieces I carry home with me.

But bags!

I love shopping bags online and especially ones that are from the house of haute couture and feminine grace itself – Yves Saint Laurent! Their bags are perfect for every occasion and the quality is never a question. So, I do a lot of online shopping at various online stores and stand alone ones that specialize in selling them particularly. They stock the best and at the best price. So, you know that you are getting value for your money!

Online stores are indeed the place to get a good deal on your designer bags. Once you realize how convenient it is to shop sitting in your own living room, you will prefer never to step out of your home to shop ever again!

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