Vests to Soothe Your Anxiety-Ridden Pet

Like humans, dogs too can suffer from mild to profound anxiety and fears. As a responsible pet parent or caretaker, it is our job to calm our precious pets when they seem to be having those anxiety pangs.

Anxiety in mutts can be caused by a variety of factors emotional and physical stress to mention two. It is the fear of anticipating future dangers or unhappy situations. Dogs exhibit anxiety in a variety of ways. They may show symptoms of withdrawal and reduced activity, an escapist behaviour or uncalled for excessive barking and sudden panicky behaviour, too aggressive or passive behaviour towards other dogs and strangers, or unwarranted physical ailments.

When you are dealing with an anxious pet it is important to do it right. A calm and familiar environment, loving support and attention, a soothing massage and enjoyable physical activity can go a long way in healing panic-stricken dogs. It is important that you don’t medicate the dog on your own. Approaching a qualified pet doctor would do a lot of good to your ward.

There are quite a few products – vests and toys, notable amongst the whole line-up of anxiety-relief giving goods and services. There are dog vests which relieve their stress and give them a feeling of cosy protection. It is useful to invest in a good quality vest that can protect and calm down your pet in difficult situations. I got this one for my dog and it has been helpful in producing a calming effect on him. This is an adjustable high- quality vest. My pet loves the comfort snug fit that it gives. The constant soothing and gentle pressure from this vest gives a massage-like effect instantly calming him down.

It comes in different sizes and is suitable for mutts weighing and sized differently. This is a product that is recommended by many vets and Iam very happy that I bought it for my dog who sometimes has separation pangs.