Hiking Boots vs. Running Shoes

There are many evident and obvious differences between the hiking boots and a pair of running shoes. Some people might feel and think that the running shoes might not be a perfect fit to pick for hiking purposes but in reality, they are and there are a lot of reasons justifying their usage for this purpose. Now let`s take a look at why you can prefer a running shoe in place of a hiking boot.

  • Generally, the hiking boots are made very strong and sturdy and they are made to withstand and suit all the situations like hard terrain, rugged roads, all climates etc… Hence the materials that are used in their make are very hard and rough. Though we say that these boots are softer and comfortable from inside, they cannot be like how you expect them to be, like very cozy and stuff and they are definitely a bit atleast harder than the running shoes. But in my opinion this is the best hiking boot I ever had.
  • Another important point to be considered is their weight. To make them suitable for all conditions and situations, they are generally made with many layers of materials and the soles are made to be very thick. This eventually increases the weight of the shoes as such and you will feel a heavy load on your legs. This is not the case with the running shoes. Though the hiking boots solve the purpose of taking you to any type of terrain and fulfill your hiking dreams, you will definitely feel a heavy foot and toes all along your way which is going to be tedious.
  • There are few people who would develop blisters on their foot and toes not able to adjust to the materials and thickness of the hiking boots. Yes, few legs and foot are very tender and they just can’t stand on the heavy materials for a longer period. So in such situations, they find it very comfortable to be with the hiking boots.


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