Mary Arrchie is proud to present the Pulitzer nominated and Obie award winning play Red Light Winter by Adam Rapp. Escaping their lives in Manhattan, former college buddies Matt and Davis take off to the Netherlands and find themselves thrown into a bizarre love triangle with a beautiful young prostitute named Christina. But the romance they find in Europe is eventually overshadowed by the truth they discover at home. Written with an unflinching poetic beauty, Red Light Winter is a play of sexual intrigue that explores the myriad and misguided ways we seek to fill the empty spaces inside us.

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Red Light Winter contains nudity, drug use, smoke effect and strong adult themes/ situations. No children permitted; no one under 18 will be permitted without an adult.

Directed by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia
Featuring: Daniel Behrendt, Dereck Garner, & Sasha Gioppo.

Designers include Scott Davis (set), Matt Gawryk (lights), Stefin Steberl (costumes), Carlo Garcia (sound), Walter Briggs (TD), Sarah Burnham (props), Benjamin Peterson (fights), Coco Lee Remery (paint charge), & Mary Patchell (assistant director / stage manager)

Preview the program for Red Light Winter here. Courtesy of Footlights

Watch the Red Light Winter Trailer (created by Mary Patchell.)

Red Light Winter at Mary Arrchie from Mary P on Vimeo.

Listen to the Talk Theatre in Chicago podcast interview with director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, as he talks about Red Light Winter, Mary-Arrchie, Living Philanthropic and more.

Press Snippets:
"Adam Rapp’s 2005 love triangle gets an honest, superbly cast revival at Mary-Arrchie. This methodical and engrossing effort by director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia does well not to let the play’s tragic characters off the hook—instead, it’s a harrowing indictment of love and the hopeless attempts young people make to navigate it."
-TimeOut Chicago - 4 STARS - Critic's Pick

"Adam Rapp’s language, sharp and realistic, is well-paced by director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia, with the rapid-fire dialogue counterbalancing the lengthy sections of introspective silence that give the show its weight. Garner imbues an unexpected level of charm into a grown-up, antagonistic frat-boy type, Behrendt carefully combines cynicism and naivete to create a believably depressed man-child, and Gioppo delivers a physically uninhibited and emotionally raw performance."
-Newcity- Recommended Show!

"Directed by Carlo Lorenzo Garcia for Mary-Arrchie Theatre, Red Light Winter packs a powerful punch. The ensemble of three maintains a relentless, seamless pace, escalating Red Light Winter’s sense of inescapable, claustrophobic tragedy to unnerving levels. In Mary-Arrchie’s tiny, intimate space, the destruction is as thrilling as it is tragic."
Chicago Theater Beat (3 1/2 STARS) Highly Recommended

"Adam Rapp's play about best friends locked in a long-standing love/hate relationship is a doozy. Sasha Gioppo is brilliant as Christina, a young prostitute who becomes the hub around which the friends' twisted world revolves, and Dan Behrendt is spot-on in his passive intensity as Matt… With help from Matthew Gawryk's tasteful lighting, Scott Davis's set transports the audience to two locations with great specificity."
-Chicago Reader

"Director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia has developed a very interesting directing method for “Red Light Winter”. The play itself is bursting at the seams with chaotic themes such as drugs, sexual violence, and the human desire for love, which can cause the production to lose focus under the stress if not contained. But Garcia managed to control all the chaos and channel it towards the audience, creating a visualizing funnel effect from the intimate stage to the seating. The play’s harsh nature quickly became inviting. Instead of stomachs turning at the sight of the explicit story, as an audience we were compelled to find out what happens next, which guaranteed a standing ovation when curtain call came.

In the end, leading lady Sasha Gioppo was the one who tightly held the show together for the entire evening. Without her character we would have no story, and if there’s no story obviously there’s no play. Mary-Arrchie Theatre Company is no shy stranger to the realism of natural human intentions, and “Red Light Winter” definitely speaks to their goals as a working theatre company. I hope this goes without saying, “Red Light Winter” is beyond worth your time as an audience."
- Chicago Stage Style (Highly Recommended)

"Director Carlo Lorenzo Garcia strikes a wonderful balance, especially in the character Davis: he’s the alpha male, the frat type, upfront and assertive; he’s not the best guy in the world. But he does have a deep affection for Matt, and can be a good person. Unless he’s softened and humanized so we can see why Matt likes him, the relationship doesn’t make sense. That is, if he’s nothing but a dick, the story falls apart. But Garner brings an earnestness to the role that makes us like Davis, sometimes in spite of ourselves."
- (Highly Recommended)