Tips To Choose Different Types Of Binoculars

Initially, binoculars were generally used to gift a kid to let them enjoy viewing the moon and other objects closely. Even adults carry it with them for outdoor activities. Apart from the general usage, binoculars are used for hunting, bird watching, astronomy, military and much more. So, when one is on the look out to purchase a more appropriate binocular, then there are certain points to be considered.

Hunting:  It is better to consider binoculars of magnification between 7x and 10x. If the magnification value is more, then the weight of the binocular will increase and one will have to use a tripod to fix the binocular.

Bird Watching: Binoculars with closer focus and long eye relief are good for bird watching.  Generally a binocular with 8×42 specifications is good for bird watching. Binocular with 10x and 12x magnification can also be considered to watch small birds from a greater distance.

Marine binoculars: There are two different types of marine binoculars based on the usage. Some use it while traveling on their ship or boat and some use it to watch the boat races and sailing ships.

When one has to purchase it for using it on the boat, then one has to consider the robustness. Such binoculars have to withstand the hard weather and must be made of waterproof material. Lesser magnification like 7x is better for viewing objects from the ship, as a closer look does not provide valid information.

Boat race binoculars have to be purchased by considering the field of view. As the boats are not going to move fast and one has to view a larger area, binocular with a wider field of view has to be considered.

Similarly, there are specific criteria that have to be considered while purchasing military, sports and other field binoculars as well. To know more about it, click here to view the latest guide to binoculars

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